Making A Star Wars Scrolling Effect With Flash Player 10 - 3D Effects


By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to create this in less than 10 lines of code (If you don't see anything or if the effect is not what you expect, you probably don't have Flash Player 10+. Get it here:


Section 1: Prerequisites

- Flash CS4
- 2 Minutes

Section 2: Setting it all up in Flash CS3

1) Create a textfield and put some text in it
2) Convert the textfield into a movieClip and name it scrollingText
3) Move the movieClip to the center/bottom of the workspace
4) Paste the following in your timeline

// you can change the field of view of the entire movie by creating a perspective projection
var pp:PerspectiveProjection = root.transform.perspectiveProjection;
pp.fieldOfView = 150; // field of view default is about 50. 180 is max

addEventListener("enterFrame", enterFrameHandler);

function enterFrameHandler(e:Event){
//this moves the text up (in the Y direction) according to the movieclip coordinates

Ending Summary

The 3D scrolling effect is achieved by moving the movieclip upwards while it is rotated. The important thing to note is the prependTranslation method which moves the current 3D object based on its own coordinates.

Grab the entire source files here.

You are now +1 step closer to the world of Flash in 3D.

Published On: October 15, 2008


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